What services do you offer?

Multicore Technologies is a full-service agency which provides services associated with Mobile Development, Web Development, Business Applications, UI/UX Analysis and Design. We have in-depth expertise and consultation serves that have allowed us to deliver several worthwhile projects across the world.

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How are you different from other Application Development Companies?

  • We have the expertise and aim to deliver cutting-edge technology with a long shelf-life.
  • We have experience of over nine years, with a mix of domestic and international talents within our team to deliver optimum results at fair prices and top quality.
  • We focus on different aspects of design to deliver the best user experience by means of the interface.
  • In terms of quality assurance and testing, we aim to test every case possible and remove all possible bugs through rigorous effort and continuous evaluation.

What is your Development Process?

Our process consists of four steps:

  • Define: this step involves collection of requirements, feasibility analysis and estimation of deliverable costs
  • Design: this step entails prototyping and formulation of possible designs of the requested application.
  • Develop:the actual development of the application, which also includes quality assurance and testing of the approved design of the application. It also entails the updates and fixes to the application.
  • Deploy:in this step, the application is deployed onto servers/app stores. This includes post deployment testing and after sales support.

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How much time does it take to deliver a project?

Each project usually lasts for four to five months on an average but it really depends on your requirements. At times we have worked on projects running into years divided over phases. The first two steps of Definition and Designing usually lasts for a duration of three to five weeks, and then the rest of the duration is taken up by Development and Deployment.

What channels do you use for communication with clients?

We make use of several communication channels to deliver client projects which include Slack, Email, Skype and our own internal systems.

What do you charge for a typical project?

We provide cost estimates for all clients, free of charge. For new projects, estimated costs for clients lie between $15,000 to $20,000 per month for the services offered. Billing is usually done bi-weekly or monthly. Again this depends on engagement model you select and number of resources to be allocated. We are accounting for all the four steps of the project development. Typically an average application costs about an average of $50,000 for a single platform [iOS, Android, Web etc]. Prices may vary with complexity of the design and development associated with each project.

At the end of the project, all source code and project related files are transferred to the client to maintain the client as the owner of all IP in the application. After project completion, our services are offered then at a rate of $30/hour for ad-hoc updates, or at a rate of $25/hour for a mutually agreed upon set number of hours in a 6-month period. Monthly maintenance cost for the average application is $2000/month.

What do you need from a client to start on a project?

Since requirements vary project to project, we would require anything or everything which helps bring your vision to life. Documents includes such as text outline of features, wireframes, mock-ups or possible pre-existing applications references which have similar functionality. The more documentation and requirements given to use allows fastening of the estimation process.

Do we give a guarantee publication of the application in the Apple app store?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a guarantee for approval for the application in the app store as that is at the discretion of the app store itself. Multicore Technologies has successfully submitted several applications over the course of nine years. We have a good expertise, understanding and insight as to what are the elements of a good application and will provide warnings if there are any particular specifics which may serve as hinderance in the approval process. In previous cases of any instance of the app being rejected for publication due to legal or business issues, we have appealed all of these cases at no charge for the client. In case of rejection due to technical reasons, we will work towards making all the necessary corrections to obtain approval with no extra charge.

Do you provide for Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before we share app idea?

Of course. We understand that each idea is unique and thus are committed to sign NDA before initiating discussions.


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